So you want to know what Twisted Empire is all about?

Twisted Empire is an independent game developer located in the North-East of England.

Our mission – to produce compelling old-school web based games for gamers who still remember what great computer RPGs used to be about…

Single player. Multi-player. Turn based. Stat heavy. Story driven.


Current Development

Our latest game is Cthulhu Nation – an MORPG set in the world of Lovecraftian World.


 The concept of the game is simple. Loosely based upon H.P. Lovecraft’s stories of Cthulhu and other Mythos creatures, the game is set in the 1920′s against a backdrop of Earth recovering from the First World War. However, there is a strange atmosphere looming, a sense of foreboding, as if something was amiss for a better and more hopeful future for mankind.